Sentinel BCM integrates Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery as a Service to provide the industry’s only cloud based integrated resilience platform. With failover and fail back capabilities in a matter of seconds, to Program development and  maintenance, Sentinel BCM delivers the most out of your Business Continuity Plan.

Disaster Recovery as a Service


Sentinel leverages strategically selected Tier 3 Data centers based on geographic stability, susceptibility to natural events, and security. 


The key to effective cloud disaster recovery is understanding tiering, automation, and replication to multiple sites simultaneously.  Seamless flexibility of on premise or cloud based applications, Sentinel disaster recovery as a service fits your needs.  


Utilizing a one to many fail over and fail back platform, Sentinel can protect your on premise and cloud based workloads with one or multiple disaster recovery sites to fit your business need, recovery objective and budget. 

Sentinel Unified Recovery Console

DRaaS recovery portal

Monitor and control recovery from a single console

Sentinel has made it easy to get an accurate view of systems and availability with our unified recovery console. Know in an instant that systems are ready to recover, and that your recovery objectives are being adhered to. 

Recover from Ransomware


Your disaster recovery strategy can also be included in a layered defense strategy against ransomware. One out of every three small to mid sized businesses fall victim to ransomware, and that number increases as the number of organizations not leveraging disaster recovery increases. 

Sentinel BCM provides industry leading Disaster Recovery as a Service which includes a 30 day journalling capability so that you can restore to a granular point in time prior to your ransomware attack. 


Re-wind and recover from any point in time

Sentinel uses Zerto Virtual Replication with Continuous Data Protection in the form of incremental block-level replication, which combined with the Journal, Virtual Protection Groups and Enterprise-Class scalability gives the ability to re-wind sites,  applications, VM’s and individual files to any point-of-time within up to 30 days to within a matter of seconds.


Backup platforms are not the answer

Backup solutions typically have large windows between available recovery points, usually from 24hrs or more, resulting in a significant amount of data loss and a significant amount of time needing to be spent on actually recovering the data in a consistent and usable state.